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Hailing from an Indian agriculture context, Xtrematix begins its journey to a technology business from the value foundations of an agriculturist philosophy; our product is our life and our passion. Quality, for Xtrematix, is an innate behavior than an artificial ingredient to the product. The Company was established on 5th December 2013 at National Institute of Technology Calicut. In this technological journey, we did researches and identified key problems in the present electrical infrastructure. The long unchanged, static functionality of the mechanical switch pulled our attention and this led to a definite vision, of giving life to the electrical devices using automation as a tool. We explored and applied the theories we learned, and discovered a process to reveal the tale of a “switch” to automation. In this process of establishing as a private Ltd. Company, various talent acquisitions has also taken place. Xtrematix is also undertaking CSR activities since its beginning.


Xtrematix Automation Pvt. Ltd. is functional in two offices within NIT campus, Calicut. Research Center focuses on prototype development, testing, up-gradation and documentation. Production unit systematizes the procurement, manufacturing, assembling, testing and software installation process.
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