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Opulent Infotech Pvt Ltd

About Opulent
Opulent is a tech-products and R&D firm established in 2013. Based in Pune, we have grown to expand our reach to 3 cities (Pune, Nashik & Nagpur) with 6 offices in just 3 years. With a team of 70+ young & enthusiastic engineers, we are on our mission to enrich India through innovation. 

Opulent portfolio involves products and services in GPS-based applications, Internet of things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Image Processing, Data Mining, Mobile Applications, Embedded Systems, Web Applications, MIS, etc. Team Opulent is multidisciplinary and consists of engineers, scientists, management professionals, economists, patent holder's, product designers and trainers. 

Currently, other than the Training Vertical in which Opulent trains 2000+ students every year, Opulent has dedicated teams towards two different products, 'Smart Kheti' and 'OutShine' aimed at revolutionising Agriculture and Education Sector of India respectively.

We are looking for creative & smart technology enthusiasts who have a yearning for a platform of fast growth, and are willing to dwell into exhilarating yet exhausting culture of a happening start-up!